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Step 1 - Purchase 1 copy of the software

You then own the life-time royalty rights!

Step 2 - We build your website

Step 3 - Advertise your new software company

Step 4 - Collect the Checks!















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Step 1 - Purchase the Software

You are about to own this software company!

You are about to get FULL RIGHTS to sell our software and keep all the profits for yourself. You will need to purchase a copy of Desktop Snooper, the most intelligent internet monitoring and surveillance software available ANYWHERE! After you purchase a copy, we give you FULL RIGHTS to sell the software and keep all the profits for yourself. You never have to pay us another dime!

Desktop Snooper is FULLY compatible with Windows Vista

Click here to purchase now.

Step 2 - We Build Your Web Site

You will need to have a professional looking web site in order to promote and sell your software. We will give you your own website that will have your contact and ordering information on it. All for FREE!

Click here to setup your new web site.

Step 3 - Advertise Your New Company

Now that you have a great product and a professional web site you need to get people to come to that site. You need lots of traffic to get the sales that your company deserves. We can help you with banners, sample classified ads, sales letters, and many other resources in our promotion center.

Step 4 - Collect the Checks!

After two years of painful development, we have finally finished Desktop Snooper along with a system that will let you own our software rights and own the profits!

Start selling your very own high-profit, best selling software program without lifting a single finger! Our team of programmers spent over 2 years developing Desktop Snooper and now if you contact us while there are still a few free spots left, you can own the rights to it all! If you don't like business as usual, and you are ready to try business unusual, then read on?.

You are now going to own your very own software company! We are going to let you have the complete resale rights to Desktop Snooper royalty free! Sell as many copies as you want, and never pay us a cent! Close your eyes for a minute and imagine what it would feel like to own a software program out-right. Don't open your eyes yet. Now imagine if all you had to do to own the software company was to purchase a single copy of the software. Imagine that for the same price as dinner at a restaurant, you could own an entire software company! Now open your eyes and smile big because everything you just imagined is actually going to happen to you because it's all 100% true!

What are the odds Bill Gates is going to show up at your door and tell you that if you buy one copy of Windows, you'll own Microsoft?

So ok, I know what you are saying right now. This sounds far too good to be true so what's the catch here? "I'm not a sucker"

Ok, so here's the catch: We are going to give you full ownership and resale rights to Desktop Snooper, but we have a banner inside the software that we'll be selling advertising on. It's no different than if you were a store selling television sets that you got for FREE and you knew the only down side to selling them was the fact that your customers might have to see a commercial now and then. In that example you still got to stock your whole store with television sets that cost you nothing! And you still received 100% of the profits for each TV you sold.

So you can see that you will be making all of your money by selling software that costs you nothing, and we make our money by selling banners. At the end of the day, both of us go to the bank smiling! This is a whole new concept to the internet, and to our knowledge, we are the first company to ever go out on a limb and try this. We are the first company to ever give 2 years worth of software development over to anyone off the street who asks for it. We are the pioneers of this new "Royalty Free Software" concept and you'll be hearing much more about it as this concept begins to grow and snowball across the internet.

You now have a complete turn-key solution to start making money on the internet selling high-demand software to a massive online market. You're now going to make $49.95 on each copy of Desktop Snooper you sell! Even if you know nothing about selling software on the internet, and you only manage to sell 2 copies a day, you'll still be making almost $100.00 per day for doing nothing! Now think about the people selling Desktop Snooper that have talent and are selling up to 12 copies per day. Now you can see the potential for you to suddenly be making $500.00 a day!

Consider the woman who started selling Desktop Snooper just 2 months ago and is breaking all records by averaging a staggering 19 sales per day! You don?t need a calculator to figure out how much money she?ll make this year. Put me on her Christmas list! And you can keep your day job because your Desktop Snooper website does all the work for you!

We are limiting the amount of FREE software companies we give away! Order now to lock in your spot! Or click here to sign up for a free test drive!

Price: $49.95US You'll own this company for only $49.95!

There are only 2 basic rules to follow:

1. You must never sell Desktop Snooper below the mandatory price of $49US

2. You must never alter the Desktop Snooper software in any way.

Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

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